Bespoke Training

Hostage UK offers tailored training for organisations on handling the human dynamics of kidnapping. Drawing on our team’s knowledge and experience of supporting hundreds of families and former hostages over many years, we can help your organisation to understand and implement effective policies for family support and hostage reintegration. For more information contact us.

How we organise the training

We will work with you to design a training package that meets your exact needs. You might want an introductory overview of the various issues that should be addressed when dealing with the family of a hostage. Or, you may be looking for a more detailed drill down into specific areas based on your needs and knowledge base.

You may want the training to be a stand-alone session or you may want it to form part of a broader range of training you are delivering to your staff. We can therefore tailor the course to what is possible for you and your team – from a half day to two days.

We don’t deliver an off-the-shelf package – we design something for you that is tailored to your organisation, where you operate, your corporate culture and pre-existing knowledge base.
We cover a range of topics to help answer difficult questions and are always happy to develop new ones based on what you need. For example, we can cover the following questions and topics:

  • What is family support and what is the role of the family liaison officer?
  • What type of person makes a good family liaison officer? What additional training or knowledge do they require?
  • Communicating with families: point of contact, family dynamics, first contact, ongoing contact, supporting children, critical moments, cultural/religious/gender dynamics
  • Organisational issues: information management and record keeping, support structure for family liaison officers, relationship between family liaison officer and other members of staff, communication with staff about the incident
  • Professional services: health, mental health, financial advice, legal, accessing what is available within your own organisation as well as external providers
  • Post incident: reintegration back into the workplace, exit strategy with family, ongoing support needs, supporting colleagues and crisis management team

Our training is priced competitively, starting at:

  • Half-day: £2,500
  • Full-day: £4,500
  • Two days: £7,500

Get in touch to discuss training

If you would like to discuss your training needs, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss your requirements with no commitment whatsoever. For more information, contact us at [email protected].