‘How to avoid being kidnapped abroad (by someone who was)’ by Colin Freeman.

Credit: Telegraph.co.uk

Foreign Correspondent, journalist and author Colin Freeman recently wrote an article providing street-savvy tips to travellers of high-risk areas to help them avoid being kidnapped and how to prepare loved ones in case the event happens.

Colin was taken hostage by Somali Pirates in 2008 and held for 40 days. Following news of the recent kidnapping of British nationals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Colin reminds readers that tourists, as well as people who travel for professional purposes, can be taken hostage.

Colin recommends:
1. Considering the Foreign and Commonwealth’s travel advice for the country you plan to visit;
2. Frequently sending updates of your whereabouts, destinations and companionships to someone back home;
3. Sending photos via your smartphone of your mode of transport to someone back home; and

4. Preparing your close relations for what could happen if you are kidnapped.

You can read Colin’s advice in his Telegraph article