Hostage UK in Australia

We are excited to announce that Hostage UK’s President Terry Waite CBE and Director Lara Symons have arrived in Canberra, Australia.

Despite Hostage UK’s name, our remit is international in nature and we support families facing a kidnap incident wherever we are able to. In recent years, Hostage UK has assisted a number of Australian nationals and as a result, has built up connections in government, legal and health fields. Through this network, Hostage UK has given former hostages and their families access to a range of services, free of charge, to help them overcome the difficulties they face as a result of a kidnapping incident abroad.

While in Canberra, Lara’s and Terry’s scheduled events include:

~ Discussing Hostage UK and the plight of hostages and their families with officials at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT);
~ An address by Terry entitled ‘Survival in Solitude’ organised by the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University. Join him by signing up here ;
~ A podcast interview with Terry by the Crawford School of Public Policy; and
~ An interview by ABC Mornings Canberra

Lara will also be in Sydney meeting with mental health professionals as well as Hostage UK’s existing pro bono strategic partners, Hogan Lovells and BUPA, to discuss service provision in the country.
Lara and Terry’s visit is aimed at cementing Hostage UK’s relationships with current partners and at broadening its network of specialist advisors, providers and supporters in Australia. Not only do we hope to raise awareness of what we can offer Australian families facing the kidnap of a loved one abroad but we are also seeking to ensure our services are tailored to the Australian context.

Australian-based persons who have been affected by a kidnap can contact Hostage UK for practical and emotional support through the websites contact form ( )