Borderless 2018

Hostage UK will be actively involved in this year’s Borderless conference, the travel risk event for humanitarian, NGO and international development organisations.

Hostage UK’s Director, Lara, will be leading a session on the impact of kidnapping on families and employees. Kidnapping is a travel risk for many NGOs. When it occurs, it not only affects the hostage employee, but also the employers, colleagues, friends and no one more than the family themselves. However, many families feel isolated during and after an incident and their frustrations and anxieties can have long-term effects, including on the returning hostage. Lara will address the emotional and logistical difficulties that families of hostages and returning hostages face and will outline what employers can do to help. She will also touch on the issues of re-integration into the workplace following release and repatriation.

Hostage UK’s Coordinator, Jess, will be heading up the exhibitor stand where you can discuss your queries and learn more about the support we provide to families during and after a kidnap and to returned hostages.

Borderless is set to be an excellent event, where delegates can engage with a range of organisations which specialise in the travel risk sector. You can find out more and register for free here