Andrew and Timea are running ultra-marathons for Hostage UK!

The Race to the Tower is one of three Races that Andrew is running for Hostage UK.

Hostage UK is pleased to announce that Andrew Ranson is running three ultra-marathons for Hostage UK and will be joined by his friend Timea Szekely for the final 60-mile race.
Andrew’s spare time is currently taken up training for the three races which start just over two week’s time. He will be running the three ultra-marathons in the space of five weeks.

The races are:
9 and 10 June: Race to the Tower (52 miles)
23 and 24 June: Race to the King (52 miles)
14 and 15 July: Race to the Stones, along with Timea (60 miles)

You can sponsor each of them on their Just Giving pages:
Andrew’s Just Giving Page
Timea’s Just Giving Page

You can send them messages of support by emailing Hostage UK at [email protected], who will send your message on to them.