Many organisations face the risk of having a staff member or contractor kidnapped while working overseas. As well as having plans in place to secure their safe release, it is also vital for organisations to have policies and resources in place to support families during a kidnapping and help returning hostages to reintegrate on their return.

Hostage UK runs a comprehensive education program to help organizations understand the challenges of family support and hostage reintegration and offer practical examples of best practices. See our education program video and our events.

seminarsHostage UK runs regular seminars aimed at security, human resources and operations executives from corporations, humanitarian and faith-based organisations, and educational institutions. In this section you can learn more and sign up for current seminars or to receive information for future events.

trainingHostage UK offers tailored training packages for organisations, designed to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. Here you will find information on how our training works, what you will learn and how to get in touch to discuss further.

best practices2Dealing with an employee being kidnapped is a challenge for any organisation. In this section you will find practical advice on how you can best prepare so you are ready to support their family, as well as your employee when they return to work.

canhelp3Hostage UK has a breadth of knowledge regarding kidnappings. We are not only able to offer support to organisations going through a kidnapping, but also provide preemptive information and training should this ever happen in your organisation. This section outlines how Hostage UK can help your organisation.