For hostage families, talking to someone who has been through the same experience can bring enormous hope and reassurance. Terry Waite CBE, Hostage UK President and Co-Founder.


Hostage UK is an independent charity that supports hostages and their families, during and after a kidnap. We were founded by a group of former hostages and their family members who wanted to ensure that anyone going through a kidnap had access to the specialist care and support they need free of charge. Delivered independently of any outside interests, our team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, financial advisors and communications experts who give their time free of charge. About Hostage UK.



@PearInsightsMag #borderless2018 conference with @ProeliumLaw @HostageUK Lara Symons discussing long haul of hostage recovery #Dutyofcare


Some #ThursdayThoughts from @HostageUK at @Borderless2018 today. Traveller #DutyofCare should be an essential component of your Travel Policy wherever in the world you may be heading.

Aid Insights provides clear and concise country-specific information on security threats to NGOs and their staff #humanitarianaid

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